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Covid-19 and Business Continuity Plan

Firstly, we trust that all our colleagues, clients and their families are healthy and safe during this challenging time.


We are clearly in a period that most of us have never seen before. The COVID-19 pandemic is tightening its grip on the world and is spreading rapidly. In the midst of escalating developments dealing with COVID-19, we want to assure you that Dot H Digital is closely monitoring the situation.


The impact of COVID-19 is taking an intense and serious toll on the global economy. With new updates and news flying in all the time, many businesses are unsure of what steps to take to alleviate risks, protect employees and support customers. This has pushed global policymakers to explore effective ways to respond.  Most of the companies have activated their Business Continuity Plan and have implemented it as a measure to alleviate the impact.


At Dot H Digital, we understand the role we play for our customers and are committed to them. We are doing our utmost to serve you and your business as planned. We aim to serve your business needs with end-to-end solutions and that commitment is even stronger under current circumstances.


We would like to provide you with an overall update of the specific measures we have taken with regard to the Business Continuity Plan to ensure that our operations – and thus your business remain as undisrupted as possible. We are therefore pleased to share with you more on the solutions we are implementing.


Pandemic Response Plan

Dot H has a Pandemic Response Plan that connects to the enterprise response hierarchy. We have advanced business continuity plans in place to minimize disruptions to our business operations, including those of our customers and partners. These plans include flexible working arrangements for our employees, a comprehensive enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery program.


Our comprehensive service continuity plan is designed to keep our services running smoothly during events such as COVID-19. The plan accounts for increased usage, the ability to remotely manage our services and a geographically diverse engineering workforce to support those services. During this time, the preferred method of service delivery will be remote.


Staff accessibility

Currently, all of our staff is working from home, in compliance with the preventive measures imposed by authorities. We are ensuring that this has the least possible impact on our accessibility and we remain at your disposal by phone or email. All the staff who work remotely have full access to all systems and tools and can attend you in the usual way.


Extended Client Support

We at Dot H are doing our utmost to serve our clients and are in constant touch with them to keep them informed about updates related to their projects. While some clients may be experiencing some temporary delays, we are committed to streamline operations and be there for our clients in this time of crisis. We truly appreciate the trust and confidence clients have shown and we thank them for their continued trust and support.


COVID-19 is tough and we all are living in an unavoidable flux. At this time, we do not anticipate any performance or delivery issues and are following our well-developed service continuity plans, which remain unaffected. As the situation remains fluid, we will reach out with further communications as needed.  At, Dot H Digital we remain committed to continuously investigate new ideas on how to further improve our response to the current situation and we encourage you to engage with us on discussing how we can help you

We’re here to support you through the COVID-19 pandemic.Learn more about how we can help